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Greenvisa Explores Benefits of VOA System for US Citizens Aiming To Visit Vietnam

Since February 1st, all of Americans could possibly get a visa online for Vietnam that is fantastic new for US citizen wanting to get Vietnam electronic visas (E-Visa). The US is amongst the 192 countries eligible for this e-visa.

Visa On Arrtival Vietnam

Whenever deciding to visit Viet Nam, US citizen today can both determine to make an application for a visa via VietnNam embassy USA in the host state or visa online in all situations, a visa is considered the pre-requisite for worldwide visitors.


To get Vietnam Charge online, US citizens can access to the internet site of GreenVisa.io - A worldwide company in cost-effective-going agency specializing in a few traditional services at Vietnam International Airport for people of foreign states over the world.


US resident can find more details about Vietnam visa on arrival at Greenvisa.io


With Greenvisa you'll be able to get a visa on arrival by passing four straightforward steps process:


Step 1: applicants must fill in an internet form and choose the favorite visa options. Some advice is essential such as private info, a number of the applicant(s), anticipations of traveling, a form of visa, projected period of seeing, and arrival airport. Another way to proceed the visa software is providing GreenVisa team with recent image and passport copy in their own site: https://greenvisa.io/.


Step 2: people to deciding the repayment on-line and receiving confirmation through email after completing the information wanted. The transaction may be billed Mastercard by Paypal or Visa /debit card just in case of effective applications.


Step 3: after negotiating the repayment, one visa acceptance notice could be immediately send, ordinary in two trading days times or less on the basis of the selected options. After that, it could be scanned and provided to the customer supplied email as a first report that was legal to move the airport traditions after the paper is accepted.


The final step occurs when travelers arrive at the airport. The Visa Approval letter will be initially approved by Vietnam customs while GreenVisa employees see them to the Vietnam Immigration Department to get Visa Stamped.


Of increasing from the US in more international visitors specially voyager, using the purpose, the nation’s Congress finally consented to relax visa processes in addition to enrich many infrastructures nationwide for tourist’s improved experiences and advantages.


However, drawbacks arise because of differing prices at Viet-Nam Embassies that are distinctive and the long-running not to mention the far space individuals staying definitely not Vietnam embassy may encounter because of the current of just one embassy in one nation.


In conclusion, with visa on arrival service at Greenvisa.io that is the handiest approach to get your Vietnam visa. Vietnam Visa On Arrival look at the simpleness.  US citizens can visit beautiful nation with breathtaking panoramas such unique ethnicities and cuisines that are delightful simpler and more convenient.

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Travel Tips: How To Get Vietnam Visa Extension For US Travelers?

Visa On Arrival In Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam)

Passport And Visa Extension


Visa is considered the prerequisite for foreign visitors when deciding to pay a visit to Vietnam and US nation citizen now can either choose to apply for visa through Vietnam embassy USA in the host country or online gate.


In order to get visa extension from the Vietnamese immigration authorities (including for overstaying your visa), your passport should have at the least six months' legality remaining at the time of application. This requirement is subject to change at other update, so you need confirm with the nearest Embassy or Consulate of Vietnam.


If you can not get a valid visa in your passport, your departure can be delay from Vietnam


To get more detailed information on passports and visas for Vietnam, including lost or stolen passports, visa replacements and exit visas, please visit the US Embassy or Consulate-General in Vietnam websites.


You are required to submit your copies of a recent passport photo with you in case you need a replacement passport while overseas. For information on reporting and replacing your lost or stolen passport, contact with the US Passport Office, or visit US Passport Office website.


Registration requirements


Travelers over the world who come to Vietnam are required to register their place of residence with the local police within 24 hours of arrival.


Travelers staying at a hotel or homestay should check with hotel or homestay management that registration is totally completed as part of the normal check-in process. You are required to provide your passport details to the hotel or homestay for registration to be completed. In some hotels, travelers might be requested to leave passports with hotel staff for registration purposes. While this is common process, it is not a legal requirement for hotels to keep your passport for the full duration of your stay.


Foreigners staying at a private residence, for example, at the residence of family or friends, must register by visiting the local police station, with a translator if needed. Please note, the Embassy or Consulate-General cannot provide translation services to assist with registration. If you are staying at a private residence, you must ensure that your local host has complied with the legal obligations associated with the pre-registration of foreign guests.


Foreign visitors staying at a private house, for example, at the home of family or friends, must register by visiting the local police station, with a translator if needed or your friend. Please remember that the Embassy or Consulate-General can not provide translation services to assist with your registration. If you are staying at private house, you must ensure that your local host has obeyed with the legal obligations associated with the pre-registration of foreign guests.


Re-entry visas


If you want to leave Vietnam and return during your trip, you should hold a valid Vietnamese multiple-entry visa.


US citizens planning to travel to neighbouring countries should refer to the travel advisories for Cambodia, Laos and China.




Foreign currency (including cash and travellers cheques) is over $US5,000, Vietnamese Dong 15,000,000 and gold exceeding 300 grams must be declared at customs (with supporting documentation) upon arrival and departure. Excess currency and gold not declared may be confiscated at the port of entry/exit and the passenger arrested and/or fined. These requirements may be subject to change and you should contact the nearest Embassy or Consulate of Vietnam for the most up to date information.


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If you are planning on visiting Vietnam, this is a random assortment of places, not necessarily including the obvious tourist draws, that might be of interest for further research (roughly ordered North to South):


Sapa is located in the far northwest. It is home to various tribes such as the Hmong. Brilliant landscapes due to the tiered rice patties they have built into the landscape. Best to visit in August and early September for the green and yellow rice patties that are being harvested, or in April when the rice is being planted and various fruits are blossoming in the clear weather. Less popular alternative is Mu Cang Chai


Ha Long Bay is a UNESCO site where coastal ecosystem meets the rainforest, located in northern Vietnam, four to five hours from Hanoi via bus. Well known and frequented for its scenery.




Hue is the former capital. Scenic (although less than optimal weather), some consider it the epicenter of Vietnamese food, war history (DMZ, Vinh Moc tunnels)




Nha Trang is a beach town with nightlife, like Mui Ne, there is large concentration of Russians. This is highly suggested by nearly all of the Vietnamese I have encountered. Note that rainy season is centered around October and November, although most of those non-Nha Trang-based Vietnamese recommending it always dispute this fact.


Dalat, as Vietnam Online notes, “Dalat looks like a cross between Vietnam and the French Alps. Many of its hotels and houses were built in a French style during the French colonization”. The area is well touristed and one popular stop is Bao Dai’s summer palace. It is also one of the few places that produces wine, although it is still in its infancy and perhaps not ready for the big time), lastly, it generally does not get hot here – with temps maxing out in the high 60’s (20C) and averaging in the mid-60’s (18C). Much of the Vietnamese coffee (and many flowers) comes from Dalat (if you want the real coffee epicenter, check out nearby Buon Ma Thuot) but is said to be more expensive to buy in Dalat than elsewhere. Investigate Vietnamese cocoa in Dalat if interested.




Can Tho is a nice youthful city in the Mekong Delta. Most tourists seem to show up, take a boat tour of one of the nearby floating markets (like Cai Rang) and then leave. However, it feels like a better version of Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) personally. The people are friendly (and don’t hassle you constantly as they do in downtown HCMC), the market along the waterfront is amazing, the food is great and the prices are good. I think if you come here and only see the floating market, you’ve wasted your time and your sleep.


Phu Quoc is an island located south of Cambodia and west of southern Vietnam. Dry season mid-November to April, warm all the time (30’s C / 80’s F), remote and resort beaches line much of the coastline, great fresh seafood although more expensive than the mainland, some of the best fish sauce comes out of Phu Quoc such as Red Boat fish sauce and Khai Hoan fish sauce. In the north-eastern corner of the island are peppercorn farms (great quality peppercorn) and a national park with hiking.

To be honest, the beaches aren’t that great and I only recommend Phu Quoc if you want to rip around an island on motorbikes and/or are interested in the fish sauce or peppercorn industries. Otherwise, I feel like you can get better beaches with less trash on them elsewhere. Further, the government is really pumping tourism which includes ridiculous waterparks and whatnot.


Con Dao is a Marine Nature reserve which is a place to avoid due to a lack of infrastructure and poor beaches OR a great place to go, due to the diving, history, natural scenery and the fact that infrastructure/development is rapidly advancing and thus, you must go now. You decide.

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